Check Out The ‘Burne

The ‘Burne is a drop-in center for Washburne students that is open Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 5:00pm.

Where: Room E232 (Victor Cooper’s advisory room, next to the cardio room)

Who: Everyone is encouraged and welcome to stop by. Kids can come before or after practice/games, or stay the whole time.

How to Sign Up: Just stop in! Students sign in when they get there and when they leave. Currently no need to sign up ahead of time.

Activities: The Wii is our most popular activity, but students also like the foosball table and making crafts, playing games or just hanging out.

Lori Barsztaitis is the adult in The ‘Burne after school. Washburne students know her because she is in the lunch room during the school day.

Questions? Contact Lori Barsztaitis at 847-251-6630