D36 Skokie School Update

2 64-gallon recycle bins have been purchased with grant funds for this year.  Please encourage your children to use them at lunch time.

SWANCC Resources
Below are links to 2 great videos about plastic bags.

Skokie School D36 Green Team
Elizabeth Christopher (6th) – christophersensuisse@ymail.com
Becky Di Cola (5th) – beckydicola@gmail.com
Anissa Forman (6th) – Apforman@comcast.net
Shelley Franklin (5th) – shelley.franklin@icloud.com
Julie Kennedy (6th) – jskennedy1@gmail.com
Juliane von Kunhardt (5th) – jule.kunhardt@me.com
Liz Kunkle (5th) – liz.kunkle@gmail.com
Nora Larkin (6th) – nora@thelarkinfamily.com
Mary McLaughlin (6th) – cmmclaugh@comcast.net
Krista Richard (6th) – kristarichard27@gmail.com
Stephanie Wang (5th) – pactwang@yahoo.com
Janet Thabit (6th) – jthabit@gmail.com

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