Directly impact your children’s experience at school!  The PTO has successfully funded projects like new furniture for each team area in Washburne, new furniture for the Washburne Cafeteria, a climbing wall for Skokie School, outdoor furniture, Makers Space materials, and stand-up desks to name a few. We hope to continue to support the schools, above and beyond that funded by the district; improving technology integration in classrooms, hands-on learning materials, furniture for alternative learning spaces, and experiential learning opportunities. To continue supporting our school in this way, we recommend a $50 per family donation. Thank you!

Please note:  Infosnap registration had a donation option for individual school PTO financial appeal. Check your Infosnap account for payment details to see if you have already supported our PTO.  The Back to School Payments form also included a donation option.  Questions? Contact the PTO at