Sponsored by the District 36 Green Team
Mon 4/21:  Education.  
Ranging from assemblies and presentations to commercials and public service announcements.

Mon 4/21:  Education.  All students will discuss during Advisory how to bring awareness to the environmental issues and the role we can play in creating a healthier planet.

Tues 4/22:  Recycling.  Earth Day and Trash-Free Tuesday.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a trash-free lunch (by using reusable containers, nothing disposable, etc.) and in general to reuse and recycle rather than add to landfill.  There will be recycling bins in the lunchroom.

***Every Tuesday will be a Trash-Free Tuesday from now on.

Wed 4/23:  Conservation.  Walk-to-School Wednesday – Everyone is encouraged to walk, bike, or use some other form of “active transportation” to get to and from school.

***Every Wednesday will be a Walk-to-School Wednesday from now on.

Thurs 4/24:  Conservation.  Reuse Day.  Students will be encouraged to think about what items they can and are “reusing” throughout the day in lots of different ways.

Fri 4/25:  In honor of Arbor Day and our new District-Wide D36 Green Team and efforts, we will be planting a tree outside the District Offices at 1235 Oak St.  More details will be forthcoming.